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Announcements : Oct 29 & Nov 19!
Announcement: Course Approval Workshops Sept 20, Oct 29 & Nov 19!

All students studying abroad (unless you have been advised otherwise) MUST attend a Course Approval Workshop to get their proposed study abroad coursework approved to transfer back to UW-W.

What is a Course Equivalency Form?

All students applying to go abroad on an exchange program MUST complete a Course Equivalency Form (CEF) before departing on their program.  This form indicates the courses you plan to take abroad and requires signatures from relevant UW-Whitewater faculty/staff members confirming how your study abroad credits will count at UW-Whitewater.

Do I need to attend a Course Approval Workshop?

MANY (BUT NOT ALL) exchange participants should get these signatures by attending a course approval workshop, while others need to meet with the relevant faculty/staff members individually. (Some students may need to do both). Read below to find out if you should attend a Course Approval Workshop, based on the classes you plan to take abroad and who can approve them.


  • Japanese and Asian Studies Courses in Japan (Meet with Marjorie Rhine (
  • Marine Biology Courses at Deakin (Meet with Bruce Eshelman (
  • German Courses in Germany (Meet with Ellen Boldt (
Some specialized or upper division courses (check with Milliam Lor or go to a Course Approval
Workshop first) (Meet with the Department Chair)


  • Most Letters & Sciences Courses (Meet with Elizabeth Hachten)
  • Most Arts & Communication Courses (Meet with Robert Mertens)
  • Most Education & Professional Studies Courses (Meet with Kelli Danielski)
  • Most Foreign Language Courses (Meet with Peter Hoff/Alicia de Gregorio)
  • Most Business & Economics courses (Meet with Robert Schramm*)
    • *NOTE: Business-related study abroad course approval requests should be submitted to the OGE office (McCutchan Hall 204) at least 2-3 business days PRIOR to a course approval workshop date on a separate course equivalency form.  This is to ensure that you can obtain course approvals in a timely manner. on the day of the workshop.  No prior submission for business courses may result in a delay of receiving your course approval(s) when attending a course approval workshop.

Course Approval Workshop Schedule

Course Approval Workshops are drop-in style, and you must plan on attending one of them for approx. 30 minutes to 1 hour if any of your courses need to be approved at a Course Approval Workshop (see the list below).  There are 3 Course Approval Workshops scheduled for Fall 2018:
  1. Thursday, September 20
    9am - 12pm
    UC 275A

  2. Monday, October 29
    1pm - 4pm
    UC 275A

  3. Monday, November 19
    1pm - 4pm
    UC 275A

You MUST attend a workshop this semester if you are studying abroad in Winterim, Spring, or Calendar Year (Spring + Fall) 2019 (unless you already have your classes approved).  If you have them pre-approved, please submit a completed CEF to the Office of Global Experiences (McCutchan 204)

(You can come to a workshop this semester OR next semester IF YOU ARE STUDYING ABROAD IN THE SUMMER, FALL, OR ACADEMIC YEAR 2019-2020.)

Course Approval Steps

BEFORE attending a Course Approval Workshop or going to an individual appointment:
  1. Research the courses available on your program
  2. Make a list of about twice as many courses as you actually plan to take abroad that seem relevant
    and interesting to you (in case of conflicts, cancellations, etc.)
  3. Only include courses offered the term that you are studying abroad (e.g. don’t include Fall Only
    courses if you are studying abroad in Spring).
  4. Read through the course description to make sure you meet any prerequisites (or, rather, the UWW
    version of the prerequisite)
  5. Print out the course descriptions for the courses in your list, or bookmark/remember where to find them if you’ll be bringing a laptop or tablet to the workshop.
  6. Please reference our course equivalency database to see a list of pre-approved study abroad
    courses (not comprehensive list):
    • If you don’t see your course in the database, please attend a course approval workshop or meet with the relevant UWW faculty/staff. 
    • If you do see that it has been previously approved, please let the advising coordinator at the course approval workshop know to obtain his/her approval signature.
Bring the following items to a scheduled Course Approval Workshop or appointment:
  1. Course Equivalency Form (print it out, or your can pick one up at a workshop or the OGE)
  2. Print-outs of your course descriptions/syllabi, or a WIFI-enabled laptop/tablet (not a phone – too tiny!) on which you can bring up the course descriptions/syllabi
  3. A pen
At the Course Approval Workshop:
  • Check In (and we will direct you appropriately to what tables to go to)
  • Visit the relevant advising table(s) to get your chosen courses evaluated by UW-W faculty/staff. They will read the course descriptions and mark on your Course Equivalency Form how each course will transfer back to UW-Whitewater.
  • Sometimes the advising tables may need to get back to you or will direct you to have a course approved by a department chairperson.
  • When you have all the signatures you need (you may need some advisors’ signatures on the back as well), drop off your form at the check-in table and then you’re done!
- OR -

At Your Appointment
  • The faculty/staff member will read the course descriptions and mark on your Course Equivalency Form how each course will transfer back to UW-Whitewater.
  • When you have all the signatures you need (you may need some advisors’ signatures on the back as well), drop off your form at the Office of Global Experiences front desk.


Contact Office of Global Experiences
Tel: 262-472-5759 (appointments)